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  • I want to feature all of our products front and center on the homepage. The first thing visitors should see is images/video advertising our Events, Store, Private Training ect.

  • I want to feature & sell and market our Video on this page

  • You can move the blog link towards the bottom

  • Nutrition should be accessible from this page

  • Newsletter registration 


The Most important pages:


  • Store: I like how the store functions now, Just a redesign is needed

  • Training: This page gives specifics about our training options (should lead to booking) Need to brand this page as Skill at Will

  • Booking Page: Individual & Group training

  • Events Page: Should be able to register & pay here

  • Nutrition Page: This page I need to house important info. Maybe a place that pulls info from the blog? Also I need a place where visitors can upload documents

  • About us / Our Team: You can make this better using the current info. Can we blend ton two pages together?

  • Contact Us


Other Pages: Not sure if these need to be on the search bar.

  • Resources: This has important NCAA info for visitors

  • Mission: This is important to have but does not need to be front and center

  • The Prodigy Report: Can be a subtab under Training


Pages you can loose:


  • Training Videos: This will be replaced as a place for visitors to purchase subscriptions for our videos.

  • USA Basketball Page: no need for a page dedicated to this. Still, keep our credentials at the bottom of the site. 


Notes: On the Prodigy Report page there is remote hosting that allows me to upload info onto the form directly within the site. I don't want to lose this function. 


Click the HRP Login icon at the bottom: enter password hoopprodigy1 and it will take you to the correct page. Let me know if you have any questions on this.

Meet your trainer

Poncho Hodges

Elite Pro Trainer

A Washington D.C. native, Poncho has been involved in basketball for the majority of his life. Whether it was in high school, playing for the legendary coach Morgan Wooten at the historic basketball institution DeMatha, or at the University of Colorado.


Poncho was blessed with the opportunity to continue to play the sport he loves, as a pro. From an entire pre-season with the Los Angeles Lakers to countries such as Israel, Spain, France and Japan, Poncho has been able to immerse himself in high-level basketball for a number of years! Poncho looks to add his basketball expertise to the Hoop Prodigy brand to make it THE standard in the basketball hemisphere.

Hoop Prodigy offers insighful tips, training videos, expert coaching, and resources for ages 6,7,8,9,10,11,12, 13,14, 15, 16, 17, 18, elementary, middle school, high school, and college students in California.

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