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Growing up in the Southern California basketball community there was always a wealth of talented young players all vying for the opportunity to be discovered.  In particular, the youth & High School basketball scene is filled with an endless amount of teams and organizations all looking for the next Kobe or LeBron. 


But what about the others? What about the good, solid players who fall just behind the shadows of their more sought after teammates? What about the superstar players who aren't developed or educated in the fundamentals, because they are supposed to be the next big thing?


Hoop Prodigy is a solution to these challenges and many more, by offer the best in Basketball Education, Innovation and Lifestyle.  Hoop prodigy was created to give players a resource that sets them up for success in the game of basketball. 



Improving and enriching the game of Basketball by creating a unique experience for Players, Coaches and Enthusiasts.


Established in 2015, our goal is to evolve the way the game is played.


Justin Rhoane, Founder & CEO

Meet The Team

Justin Rhoane

Justin Rhoane



Devin Howlin

Player Dev Coach


Dennis Hardwell

Athletic Performance

& Partner

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Morgan Johnson

Admin & Creative Strategist


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